Music Mastery

How It All Began


Aesthesia’ in Greek means ‘to feel.’ The Greek philosophers thought the greatest feeling was beauty or the aesthetics. We want to learn the arithmetic of the beauty or the aristhetics. Therefore, we want to learn THE WEAPONS OF MATH CONSTRUCTION. Everything that we perceive through our five senses – sight, smell, touch, taste, hear – is measured. We hear from 20 to 20,000 cycles per second. Our range of pitch is 27.5 to 4,186. That represents both the piano and the orchestra. For the piano, from the lowest A to the highest C, is 7 octaves and a minor third and in the orchestra that represents the contra bassoon to the piccolo. We want to take the ‘numb’ out of numbers for the numbers tell you where you are – close, near or very far. Learn them and you will see where to apply your creativity.

There are 8,178 chords in one 13-note octave.

78        2 note          1716        7 note

286      3 note          1287        8 note

715      4 note           715        9 note

1287    5 note            286      10 note

1716    6 note              78      11 note

                                    13      12 note

                                      1      13 note

Plato initially said the secrets of the universe lie in numbers but changed his mind after one night attending the nine Greek art forms, at which he heard the harp, the lyre or the flute being performed at each one. So, because the strings vibratemeasurably he thought this was the most important muse and called it ‘music’ saying the secrets lie in this art form because it’s both arithmetic and spiritual, enlightening the mind with it’s numbers, ennobling the soul through it’s spiritual sway! 

In Western music, there are twelve alphabetic note names.

Here is a list of the combinations of one note to twelve notes.
For example, if you have 2 notes i.e. C & E, they can be arranged C & E or E & C.   Another example, if you have 3 notes i.e. C, E, G, they can be arranged CEG or EGC or GCE or ECG or CGE or GEC.  And wow, if you leap to 12 different notes, you have 479,001,600 possible combinations.  


a pattern is a COPY

of a DESIGN!

  study learn


every pattern that you


If you want to hit the bull’s eye,

get a bird’s eye,

then a fine eye,

then the mind’s eye,

then bull’s eye. 

You will understand the aristhetics and see how it works.


The word ‘theory’ comes from a Greek root that means ‘to see.’  If you want to see how it works, learn the arithmetic or learn the 


That is the arithmetic of the beauty.

It’s repetition, perfect repetition. that yields intuition and fruition.  And one of the greatest examples of growth is this:  if one receives a penny on the first day of a thirty-day month, and doubles it each day, that would be .02,.04,.08,.16,.32,.64, $1.28, $2.56, $5.12, $10.24, $20.48, $40.96.   
Who would imagine seventeen days later, one would have $5,368,709.12?  

The math?  The aftermath, polymath!